peace warrior

Can a piece of jewellery be an act of protest?

Humanity's inability to resolve it's differences peacefully has moved seraglia to create this rare and spectacular necklace. Of especial concern is the continued and projected use of nuclear weapons, whether as missile warheads or as depleted uranium in conventional weaponry.
This necklace was produced for the 50th anniversary of CND, The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and has been crafted from materials chosen for both their beauty and relevance.

* Fire opal faceted Swarovski beads and crystals
* Fire polished Japanese Miyuki bugle beads
* 1940's plastic pendants from US occupied Japan
* Ancient Roman carnelian and rock crystal beads circa 400 AD
* Vintage glass cylinder beads from Czechoslovakia
* Traditional brass accent pieces from the USA
* Vintage coral and amber beads
* Antique Victorian gilded glass mourning beads
* Dichroic fused glass accent bead
* Encased pendant with applied crystals and handpainted design on 10,000 year old mammoth ivory.

In the centrepiece, each bead is hand-wired onto the filigree setting to create a sparkling three dimensional frame for the vintage accent.
The chain and pendants are all made of wired links, and give the piece a wonderful fluidity and movement. The necklace fastens with a hook, allowing the length to be altered from chestpiece to choker, as desired.

Each necklace is presented in a specially fitted case along with a period survival manual in case of nuclear warfare.
Limited edition of two. 90% of purchase price is to be donated to CND. Read the CND press release here.

peace warrior necklace